Respect Your Customers & Grow Your Business

Creating content users want seems intuitive, but unfortunately most companies put user’s needs behind corporate priorities. I intend to end that cycle and return users to the brand advocates that we need them to be. Push marketing needs to be replaced by creating honest, helpful and captivating user experiences. By putting the user at the core of everything I do, we can give both sides what they want.

I bridge the gap between product owner, digital marketer, user experience manager, content producer and technical analyst. I enjoy designing user flows, building experiences, marketing them and digging into the data to optimize the experience. I can manage the whole process or manage teams that specialize in specific tasks. Regardless of the specific execution, I strive to create digital marketing programs and user experiences that tell a brand story and reward users for their engagement.

I’ve worked for over a decade at Hasbro across product development, digital marketing and project management. I have worked for agency and the client and have run my own marketing agency since college. Whether designing for a $10,000 budget or $1,000,000+, I treat every project with the same level of intensity.


My Philosophy

I help companies create better user experiences that translate into more sales.


Learn to think like your customers


Build content that delights your core audience


Convert users to customers to brand advocates


Review the data, make changes and test again

Global Brand Experience

Past projects include all these brands. Copyrights belong to respective companies.

Mobile Apps

Recent Hasbro Work

Watching an app grow from initial concepts, into design and development and ultimately into the app store with millions of downloads is a great feeling. The apps I produced have a combined 6 million downloads and all have a 4 Star rating or better.



Recent Hasbro Work

Websites I produced for Hasbro range from branded product expressions to sweepstakes to full digital product extensions. All sites are user focused, mobile optimized, great looking and generate leads.


LinkedIn Praise

I've been fortunate to work with a lot of great people